Seminari Peter Singer

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Seminari Peter Singer


Ethics: an utilitarian approach

Del 2 al 13 de juny del 2003


  1. The nature of ethics
  2. The origins of ethics and the nature of ethical judgment

    Evolution and the is-ought gap

    Hume and Kant, emotion or reason as the basis for ehtics

    Universalizability: can ethics have an objective element?

  3. Normative ethics
  4. From universalizability to preference utilitarianism

    Two level veiw

    Against the use of intuitions to test ethical views

  5. The expanding circle
  6. Human beings, sentient beings, living things and natural objects

  7. Ehtics and animals
  8. Speciesism

    Non-speciesist ways of separating [most]humans from [most] animals

    Consequences: eating meat, experimentation, etc.

  9. The sanctity of life ethic, I
  10. The embryo

    The fetus

    The infant

  11. The sanctity of life ethic, II
  12. Brain death

    The persistent vegetative state

    Voluntary euthanasia

  13. The obigation to assist others
  14. Ethics for one world
  15. The genetics revolution
  16. Ehtics and self-interest

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