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Let me tell you about QGIS

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QGIS is a popular GIS. I would argue that it is the most popular GIS in the world. It is also completely Free and Open Source and built and managed by a vibrant community of dedicated people who have only one goal in mind – make the best GIS we possibly can and make it available to every person on the planet who owns a computer. Maybe you never realised it, but QGIS has been used in many interesting places around the world. In this presentation I will showcase some of the interesting ways in which QGIS is used, show off some awesome tools and maps made with QGIS and generally make you want to share QGIS with your granny, your pet canary and of course all your colleagues and friends! Come to this session if you want to take a break from deep technical discussions and be inspired by what our community has done with QGIS ​
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