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Think you know QGIS? Expert tips to revolutionise your workflow!

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One of QGIS’ greatest strengths is that a large number of the developers are also daily users of the software. Many features are developed in response to the common challenges these developer/users experience while using QGIS. Over time, this has lead to QGIS being jam-packed with handy shortcuts which speed up daily workflows. Unfortunately, the rapid pace of QGIS development also means that many of these shortcuts go unnoticed by users. In this session I will present and demonstrate a number of relatively unknown shortcuts and workflow improvements for efficient day-to-day mapping operations within QGIS. From simple tricks through to exploring some of QGIS’ more advanced features, I aim to use this session to help users rethink how they can tackle common tasks and harness these features to speed up their use of the software. Tasks I will demonstrate within this session include: performing calculations within widgets efficiently working with colors expression variables and their uses rapid modification of geometries (eg buffering a selected subset of features) ​
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