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qWAT : a QGIS-based project for water network management

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qWAT is a solution for water distribution network management. It is based entirely on top of QGIS and PostGIS. qWAT is first a data model suitable for storing and managing complex water distribution networks. The data model is implemented in PostGIS, the opensource geospatial database of choice. On top of this data model, the qWAT project provides a solution to exploit the data to its full extent. It is based on QGIS and all its capabilities. Custom layer rendering styles are provided, a project with data organization, specific widgets for objects from the data model and more. qWAT is an open project, lead by a group of funders, now developed in the open on GitHub. While still young, qWAT is already used in production in some organizations. The approach taken is to try to push the global QGIS / PostGIS ecosystem forward with this project, enabling the development of features directly in QGIS, or in generic extensions whenever possible. Another aim is to foster the community around this solution, having multiple developers from the QGIS ecosystem contributing to this effort within their area of expertise. This presentation will present you the qWAT software, its current status, and the future that awaits ​
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