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Contributing to QGIS 101

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So, you are a QGIS user, you love this software, and now you would like to go further and start contributing ? This presentation will show that anyone can help the QGIS project ! There are indeed many ways to contribute to the project. We go through some of them, by order of difficulty. This presentation covers : * How to contribute as QGIS standard user * How to contribute as an advanced QGIS user * How to contribute as a graphic designer * How to contribute as a cartographer * How to contribute as a Python developer * and even how to contribute as a C++ developer ( or : “you didn’t know you where a c++ dev”) Topics like communication, translation, bug triaging, writing plugins, fixing bugs and more will be quickly showed. We will detail the first steps to follow to begin collaborating with the QGIS community and have your first contribution in QGIS ! ​
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