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Failure analysis of hybrid glass/carbon thin ply laminates subjected to tensile loading

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Micro-damage such as fiber/matrix interface debonds, matrix cracks, delaminations and fiber breaks forming during the service life of composites is a significant limiting factor in many applications. Matrix cracks in off-axis layers are typically the first damage mode to occur in laminates due to weak properties in the transverse direction to the fibers and it is the main cause for the appearance of subsequent damage modes – delaminations and fiber breaks. In the present work, thin-ply laminates were manufactured using Textreme carbon fiber thin-ply plain weave fabrics from Oxeon (Sweden) with areal weight of 100g/m2 and glass fiber plain weave fabrics from Interglas (Germany) with an areal weight of 80g/m2. Hybrid carbon/glass laminates with various combinations of single, double and quadruple carbon and glass fiber layers were manufactured. ​
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