Seminari Richard Rorty

Anti-authoritarianism in epistemology and ehtics

Del 25 al 29 de juny de 1996


  1. Is knowing the most distinctively human capacity?
  2. Knowledge from a Darwinian point of view
  3. Pragmatism as romantic utilitarianism
  4. The linguistification of pragmatism
  5. A world of relations without substances
  6. Cartesian scepticism and Cartesian dualism
  7. Two misleading Kantian distinctions: justification vs. truth and sentiment vs. obligation
  8. The anti-Kantian revolt in ethics
  9. Brandom's neo-Wittgensteinian philosophy of language
  10. McDowell on the relation between reason and nature
Seminari Richard Rorty: Anti-authoritarianism in epistemology and ehtics

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Justice as a larger loyalty

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Introduction to McDowell's book

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