Tort Law reform in Europe and beyond

Girona, 27 i 28 de juny de 2024

Why is Tort Law Reform So Difficult?

- Has adaptation to new technologies (such as digitalisation, IoT, AI, etc.) played an important role in the need to amend the legislation?

- Has soft law (PETL, DCFR, etc.) had any impact on the drafting of the new provisions and if so, to what extent?

- Has legislation of other countries had a clear and important impact on the drafting of the new provisions? Which foreign legislation?

- What are the innovations that have prompted the greatest rejection or the warmest applause?

- Regarding the countries that have already conducted their reform, ¿What is the real impact it has had? Have ex post analyses already been conducted and if so, what was their result?

- Regarding countries that have not yet conducted this reform, what are the prospects that a reform can occur?